Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage


A subconjunctival hemorrhage can be caused by a few conditions.  One of them noted above is from taking a blood thinner or aspirin.  The picture above is that of a Baseball Pitcher in his senior year of high school after pitching a game.  He took four aspirin over a 1/2 hour period and developed the above noted subconjunctival hemorrhages.  Also, noted in the picture he still had his contact lenses in when coming to the office that afternoon.  He was a very good pitcher and received a full sports scholarship to a Division I College.  He graduated and is now a State Policeman.


A subconjunctival hemorrhage can also be cause by some blunt objects such as a closed fist which is noted in the photo above.  Luckily with this young man, there was no bone, retinal, or corneal damage.  This condition resolved over about a week though he was instructed that future fights may cause short term and long term loss to his vision.  A blunt injury that has impacted the cornea and compressed the lens of the eye may cause a rosette cataract and/or glaucoma twenty or even thirty years down the road.  My first patient in the clinic while in Optometry School in Philadelphia was such a case.  He was a 60 year old man who was hit in the eye by a rubber dart gun at Christmas.  At that time he had a red eye that cleared up after about a week. Thirty years later when he was examined, I noted a rosette cataract and glaucoma.  Pretty amazing for your first case!  Cataract surgery was completed and medication was prescribed to bring back the vision and decrease the pressure in that eye.


Mondo Ponds in Milford, CT - a summer morning walk through the park.
View of Charles Island from Silver Sands State Park boardwalk in Milford, CT.
Landing bee at Beaverbrook Trail in Milford, CT
Statue of Lady of Good and Evil in a home garden in Milford, CT
Early morning sunrise at Mondo Ponds in Milford, CT just before the clouds roll in for an overcast day.
City Hall in Milford, CT
View of Charles Island from Fort Trumbull in Milford, CT in winter.
View of the beach looking toward Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT
View of the reed grass and boardwalk at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT
View of an estuary behind the Animal Shelter in Milford, CT
Early morning view of Charles Island from the beach area near Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT
The Gazebo/Bandstand on the Green in Milford, CT
A winter seagull from the beach looking out into the Long Island Sound in Milford, CT
View of Charles Island on the Long Island Sound from Walnut Beach in Milford, CT
View of Wepawaug Bridge under the train tressle on Prospect Street. I doctored this image to get rid of wires and roof fans!
View of Mondo Ponds in Fall 2016 - just before the leaves fell.
A wild turkey in a side yard October 2016 showing it's feathers!
Closest view of the moon in November 2016.
Swirl of leaves at Mondo Ponds - shot at about a 30th of a second rotating the camera circularly.
A beautiful early morning late March snowfall. Snow was gone by noon that day.