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Optical Illusions


  PowersOf10smallEames Powers of Ten - a 9 minute YouTube video from 1977 that's still amazing!


 InventingAccidntsPlanet Money Podcast #847 Accidental Inventions 

This podcast is about the invention of glasses for Color Blind (really Color Deficient) People - 21 minutes


 NYCcolorDeficientWhat New York City looks like to someone with a color deficiency

A nice article giving examples and an overview of the types of deficiencies.


 EclipseAug2018Eclipse Photos - NASA Photos from the 2017 Solar Eclipse; a NASA Ecliplse Photo with multiple pinholes from a walkway


 SmileySmily Face using Pinholes during 2017 Solar Eclipse by patient L.J. Wertalik  (I llike how he used multiple pinholes and gave it a face!)

Rotating figure - you can change the direction yourself!


 Which way is the dancer spinning? You can actually see her spinning in either direction.  If you've practiced the crossed and uncrossed techniques you can make it spin both clockwise and counterclockwise.  Actually if you converge your eyes seeing double you will see the two figures (if they have been rotating counterclockwise) go in a clockwise direction after a few seconds - then make the two figures into one and it should stay clockwise.  To get it to go counderclockwise you'l  need to diverge your eyes past the screen to see two figures - after a few seconds they should become counterclockwise - make the two figures into one and it should stay counterclockwise.  This may be a simple test to see if your natural eye position at relaxation is a divergent one (spins counterclockwise) or is a convergent one (spins clockwise).  By controlling your focusing (accommodation) and vergences (ability to bring your eyes in or have them point outward) you'll be able to change this figure at will.  Enjoy!


Although we have 5 major senses, most of the information from our surroundings comes from the eyes, making sight a very important part of our lives. The eye contains many rods and cones and they gather information and send it to the visual processing part of the brain, the information is sent via electric signals. Optical illusions can be caused by our brain expecting to see something, and processing the eye's signals in a way that creates something that makes sense on one hand, but on further looking begins to make less sense. (from website: )


 A great site of many illusions by a German Vision Science Researcher is:


 Other great links to some illusions!



Mondo Ponds in Milford, CT - a summer morning walk through the park.
View of Charles Island from Silver Sands State Park boardwalk in Milford, CT.
Landing bee at Beaverbrook Trail in Milford, CT
Statue of Lady of Good and Evil in a home garden in Milford, CT
Early morning sunrise at Mondo Ponds in Milford, CT just before the clouds roll in for an overcast day.
City Hall in Milford, CT
View of Charles Island from Fort Trumbull in Milford, CT in winter.
View of the beach looking toward Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT
View of the reed grass and boardwalk at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT
View of an estuary behind the Animal Shelter in Milford, CT
Early morning view of Charles Island from the beach area near Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT
The Gazebo/Bandstand on the Green in Milford, CT
A winter seagull from the beach looking out into the Long Island Sound in Milford, CT
View of Charles Island on the Long Island Sound from Walnut Beach in Milford, CT
View of Wepawaug Bridge under the train tressle on Prospect Street. I doctored this image to get rid of wires and roof fans!
View of Mondo Ponds in Fall 2016 - just before the leaves fell.
A wild turkey in a side yard October 2016 showing it's feathers!
Closest view of the moon in November 2016.
Swirl of leaves at Mondo Ponds - shot at about a 30th of a second rotating the camera circularly.
A beautiful early morning late March snowfall. Snow was gone by noon that day.